Referral Rewards

We all wish we could spend more time with our friends, right? At Afni, you can see your friends at work and earn extra money when you refer them to work here!

Earn more and work with your friends.

Referral Rewards is our employee referral program! It’s pretty simple. Refer your friends and family (or anyone really) to contact center agent jobs at Afni and get exclusive perks when you participate in our employee referral program! When they’re hired, you get paid a bonus each month you both work here. You’ll get paid every month as long as you and your referral are employed at Afni.

You’ll receive a $500 bonus when your referral has been at Afni for six months! This is applied on top of your hourly wage, commission, or performance bonus.



Did you know in 2023, Afni paid more than $112,000 in employee referral incentives?
There’s no limit to how many you can refer! More referrals mean more money. Refer today!


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Afni Referral Program

Did you know we have one of the most lucrative referral programs around?

See how it works

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